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 Thoughts on Jalapeno Chiles or How to seed a Jalapeno

Caution: The chile contains firey oils that can get on your hands when handing them, so be careful not to put your hand in your eye or wear protective gloves when working with chiles.

Cut off the stem part with a sharp knife by cutting into the top of the chile about 1/4" down from the "cap" of the chile.

This will expose some white fibrous tissue that houses the seeds. Place the chile on a chopping block, and using your hand as the "rolling pin" roll the chile back and forth firmly and completely about 5 or six times. This breaks the fibrous tissue loose from the pod.

Then use a paring knife to gently extract the seed packet, or simply tap the chile, cut end down on a chopping block a few times to shake out the seeds. As the heat of the chile is in the seeds for the most part, decide how hot you would like your salad to be.

Essential Herbs

Shaiba Leaves

Also known as Ushna :
Odorant lichen, it is known as “Old Woman‟s Gray Hair, Shaib al-‟Agûz” and grows on oaks and other trees.
The name Ushna is applied in theOrient to many kinds of odoriferous lichens, mostly of the species of the
Usneae (which is derived from the Arabic one). Ramalina Parmelia and Physciaspecies are all named shêba. Usnea florida Hoffm. and Alectoria (Parmelia) usneoides Ach. are the lichens which are called to-day ushna. According to
Sickenberger this Arabic termdesignates all kinds of moss growing on trees.

You can buy Shaiba at most good Arabic (not Persian) grocery stores, or order online. It is an essential spice for the making of Shorbat for Ramadan, a soup comprised of lamb or chicken and thickened with Oatmeal.

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